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Spray Tan Tips

How To Prepare For Your Spray Tan

1: Exfoliate at least A DAY BEFORE your session to remove dead skin. By removing dead skin cells, you are effectively removing the barrier that will prevent the absorption of DHA (the main ingredient that makes you tan) into fresh skin cells. Lack of exfoliation can cause the tan to appear less natural and result in uneven wear off and fading. You should NOT exfoliate the day of! You can buy exfoliating mitts at Ulta, Walgreens etc. The mitt should be abrasive!

2: It is recommended that clients avoid using bar soaps (especially Dove) or in-shower moisturizers. These products can halt the DHA bronzing reaction and leave a film on the skin. Any waxing should be done TWO days prior. Shaving is best completed 24 hours prior. Pedicures and manicures need to be done a day or two before.

3: Do NOT apply lotions, moisturizers, deodorant or perfumes before your session.

4: It is best to not apply make up, but if you do so, carefully remove it before your session.

5: During your session you can wear anything you are comfortable with (thong, underwear, bikini bottoms. Topless is best) After your session you will need to wear DARK, LOOSE fitting clothing. Tight clothing can rub off or smear bronzers. Baggy t shirts or a loose fitting dress is best. No tight yoga pants. Nose filters, shower caps, and eye covers are available if needed. It is recommended to put chap stick on the lips before your session.

How To Maintain Your Tan

1: Be sure to wait at least 8hrs (unless you did rapid tan) before showering, working out, or coming into contact with water. Any kind of water can deactivate the DHA and/or cause streaking.

2: During showers it is recommended you use a good quality body wash formulated with out parabens, sulfates and added fragrance. You should especially NOT use bar soaps as they can strip the tan. Proper cleansing ensures even fading and the longest lasting tan. During your shower instant cosmetic bronzers will wash off, but the tan will continue to develop. Use luke warm water and avoid anything abrasive like loofahs, body scrubs, clarisonic, etc.

3: After bathing gently, pat skin dry. DO NOT rub skin.

4: Lastly, do not forget to MOISTURIZE! At least two times a day! Hydrated skin is essential if you want an even, natural, longer lasting spray tan. Moisturize after your first shower and continue even after tan fades. Be careful with moisturizers containing alcohol or fragrances. We recommend using Primally Pure body butters. They contain limited ingredients and will help ensure the tan lasts longer. You can buy them from their online store. You can use the code TaraC to receive 10% off your order. CLICK HERE TO ORDER